ugly frog

we have to hang on..
in the situation..
that we hate..

it's kinda sucks..



I feel ridiculous

when I'm mad at something unnecessary

like when he put a picture of an actress

on his screen saver or mobile phone wall paper

It's just ridiculous.


how's your life?

where's your life heading to?

grey - black?
grey - white?


would it be nice ?

It's a wonderful feelings I have
when I see an old couple
still holding hands together
while they're walking
side by side

I wish I could be that couple...

and by old.. i mean grandma and grandpa

wall art part III


insanity of feeling

why can someone

hate and love

a person

at the same time?




what kind of life is this?

I was wondering..
Have we lived our life correctly?
Or just pretending?

When we had a plan with our friends
and it goes not as quite as we expected
We didn't do anything.
Just smiling all the time
PRETENDING that we had fun -which is not at all-

When we knew that our friends is wrong
and they hurt someone else
We didn't do anything.
Just listening all the time
PRETENDING that they're the right one

When we knew that someone is lying
to our face or to our friend's
We didn't do anything
Just accept whatever it is
PRETENDING that we don't know that they're lying

I know I'm not perfect
and I don't like being a hypocrite

but I hate the situation that force you to do such kind of things

wall art part II